1.01 – “Elythium”

Chaos ensues when a battery backup power starts to fail and mysterious brown outs threaten the progress of an important movie render.
Ernest finds himself having to sacrifice his electric scooter to save the render farm. Ernest plays a prank on Jonathan for being so rude.


1.02 – “The NeverEnding Movie”

Weekend renders from the movie are shown to the director as he begins requesting even more changes to the scene. Ernest struggles to keep up morale as budgets get tighter with the team losing sleep in order to finish tasks. Mark helps alleviate some of the pressure by bringing gifts from the studio visits he’s had. Ernest takes the team out to release stress and end up at the Point Break Live show. Jonathan continues to struggle with Ernest’s prank.


1.03 – “Yellow Men Can’t Jump”

Director finally approves changes while a pitch for bids on a new movie project begins. Sarah is selected as the lead artist on the next project. Sarah and Sam work together on the project as Sarah tries to cope with the new position and the challenges that come with the responsibility. Sam helps Sarah by settling an argument with marketing by proposing a 2-on-2 basketball game. Unbeknownst to everyone, Sam is a college basketball star. An unknown computer terminal is woken to upload the unreleased movie trailer to a mysterious destination.


1.04 – “The Unusual Suspect”

Director approves more scenes as things begin to move along quite well. Sudden discoveries that trailer of the movie are appearing online without approval/knowledge of the director & studio. Jonathan starts pointing fingers at N. Korea and Kim Jong Un. Revinder is tasked to finding where the leak came from. Revinder takes the role a little too seriously and takes everyone as a suspect. Eventually an employee cracks and reveals a little too much information.


1.05 – “Shallow Al-exi”

Due to multiple weeks of late hours, lack of sleep and overall bad diets, employees are getting out of shape and some just plain fat. A co-worker accidentally discovers Alexi’s Facebook profile and photos of him are surprisingly fit with quite the physique. Alexi helps the out of shape staff get back into shape.


1.06 – Untitled

Jonathan and Mark hustle around Hollywood trying to find Visual Q’s next gig.


1.07 – Untitled

Smoke break meetings allow for interesting business decisions in the parking lot.


1.08 – Untitled

Last frame of the movie is in the can, a milestone party occurs.


1.09 – Untitled

Movie premier


1.10 – Untitled

New movie contract is awarded to Visual Q, but rumors of a possible company buyout shake up the entire team.